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Books will always be my favorite source for background reading on Mexico and inspiring armchair adventures. There's little doubt in my mind, however, that the internet is now the world’s best resource for up-to-the-minute travel reports and firsthand communication with people living in Mexico and Central America.

When I’m planning a trip to Mexico, I can view current satellite weather photographs, query people who actually live in Mexico about hotels and restaurants, book discount air tickets, gather background on everything from local history to bird watching, read Mexican newspapers in Spanish and English, and last but not least, discuss my plans in minute detail with travelers who have just returned from Mexico. This is such a far cry from the days when the only information that leaked out of Mexico were reports of killer earthquakes or Cancun beauty pageants, that I’m still in a daze.

In order to include as many entries as possible, I've kept these reviews quite brief. Don't be surprised if you can't connect with one of the websites described here. Cyberspace is vast and websites tend to come and go according to their creator's whims. Others move, leaving you stranded with no forwarding address. If this happens, please let us kow. Email us at Carl & Lorena. We are constantly updating and expanding our extensive list of recommended sites, with links to the best web pages on Latin America.

The following websites follow the order of the chapters in the book, with a few additional sections at the end in Armchair Travel.

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