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Mexican Slang Plus Graffiti

Review by Mike Warshauer

Taking a cue from the last edition of "The People's Guide To Mexico", I ordered the book, "Mexican Slang Plus Graffiti", by M.F Jones-Reid, Charlene Lopez, and L.H. Robinson. (new 800 phone #: 800-431-1579) Price $7, after a discount of "29.60 %". (Perhaps I mentioned The People's Guide?) Actually, I sent $10, not knowing the shipping costs, y ahora me faltan 3 dólares! It’s probably worth that much..

The book is quite entertaining for the aficionado of the slangier side of Latin American (heavy emphasis on Mexican) Spanish. It delves deep into the cruder aspects of cabronería, y el pendejismo. Readers of a delicate sensibility might find portions distasteful. It gives a more in-depth account of "la verga", notorious parrot phrase from The People's Guide to Mexico. (A word to be avoided.)

It also gives the ABSOLUTE, WORST, UNSPEAKABLE, MOST FOUL WORD IN MEXICAN SPANISH, which is so bad, that I will spell it thus: "ver--ona" <SHUDDER!>

In general, it's well-written, and by no means as drearily crude as the book "Lewd Latin Lexicon", a compendium of purely nasty stuff. Besides vulgarisms and sexual slang, Mexican Slang + covers "peluche", "torta de lana", "Está de pelos", "gúacala", "muy curado", "padrísimo", "fuchi", etc. It certainly enriches the cultural experience for me.

"Adonde vayan, ahí estarán."
Is that how you might say, "Wherever you go, there you are"?

Saludos, Mike

(Lorena Notes: Here's another review, written by Carl Franz, of an earlier version of Mexican Slang: A !*#@&%+! Guide)

he People's Guide to Mexico
13th edition
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Mexican Slang Plus Graffiti

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