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Recommended Baja Books

Reviews by Vee Weber

Published: September 2001

These are not funny (haha) books. And not necessarily good travel books. I pull these out and read them again when I want a little tristeza with my coffee.

Air & Fire by Rupert Thomson - Vintage Books - I stumbled upon this book while doing a search on for Baja books. What a surprise at listing #247.

This novel is set in a mining town located between the desert and the Sea of Cortez, called Santa Sofia. Clearly divided, the haves (the French employees of the mining Company) live on the north end of the arroyo near the new hotel. The have-nots live on the south end of the arroyo, nearer the mines. "Town" is in the arroyo with comic relief provided by the town baker who is trying to master a French treat known as a baguette. Then an employee of a man called Eiffel comes to town with a new idea for a church.....

Salsa And Chips” by Daniel Reveles gives us a complete meal with these collections of stories based on life in Tecate, your not so typical Baja bordertown. From witches to priests, from white knights to scoundrels, you will know them all well as the author takes each well drawn character, brings them to life and adds them to the 'salsa'.

I found a new resource for out of print books on Mexico and ZShops. Booksellers will list their out of print books through can deal directly with the seller. I recently picked up two Erle Stanley Gardner books (not cheap -- but better than bookfinders prices). I also check EBay regularly just set what's there...Just do Search All - Baja California - it's a pretty eclectic mix of items - but occasionally something special pops up. Just don't get "Auction-itis".

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