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The People's Guide To Mexico

Book Reviews: Live & Retire

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Book Reviews: Live & Retire in Mexico, Belize & GuatemalaWomen

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The Maya
Mexico City
Healthy Living in Mexico
Copper Canyon & Northern Mexico
Speaking Spanish
Gulf of Mexico
Live & Retire in Mexico
¡Viva Mexico!
Highlands: & Chapala
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Natural Mexico
Introduction to Our Favorite Mexico Books
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Live and Retire in Mexico

Living Abroad in Mexico

By Ken Luboff. Entertaining and useful guide to relocating or retiring in Mexico. Gringo havens such as Lake Chapala, Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel de Allende, Cuernavaca and Mazatlan are featured in depth. (Reviews by Ron Mader & David McLaughlin.) Order Living Abroad in Mexico...


Live Better South of the Border in Mexico

By "Mexico" Mike Nelson. The reviewer says, "I'm fifty, I'm gay, and I'm in a 12 step program. Mike's book doesn't assume every retiree is an old white couple in bermuda shorts. Mike talks to single women, the younger person who wants to quit the rat race, and to people who want to lead an active, healthier lifestyle." (Review from Order Live Better South of the Border in Mexico...

•Choose Mexico For Retirement

By John Howells and Don Merwin, 1999, The Globe Pequot Press. Though the $600-a-month subtitle might seem difficult to achieve in today’s economy, co-author Don Merwin correctly points out that there are literally two sides to every coin in Mexico. As he told us, “We agree that there is a wider disparity than ever before between the prices paid by tourists and by residents (both native and foreign). But the country still has plenty of places where Mexicans and anyone else living there (or smart enough to get off the tourist track) can get accommodations and food of similar quality at a fraction of the cost.” The only thing I can add to that is, Bravo! Order Choose Mexico

•Also, Choose Costa Rica,

•Under the Tabachín Tre

Unlike many people who never move beyond daydreams of retiring to some unspoiled corner of Mexico, Celia and Bill Wakefield pack their dog and most precious possessions into a VW van and actually pull it off.... (Full Review by Carl Franz) Order Under the Tabachín Tree

•Mexico Living and Travel

The Bryants are veteran retiree/residents of Guadalajara who also publish a quarterly retirement newsletter ($25 a year), maps, video and a basic Spanish language guide. Although Mexico Living and Travel includes brief descriptions of Oaxaca, Zacatecas, coastal resorts and a few other retirement possibilities, their focus naturally centers on the ever-popular "retirement triangle...." (Full Review) Order Mexico Living and Travel from Powell's in Portland

•Gringo's Investment Guide

The Gringo's Investment Guide is a book of laws and legal advice, so let's be honest: as attractive as the idea of buying your own hacienda in Mexico might be, many gringos fear they'll lose their shirts ? and perhaps their precious sanity ? in a morass... (Full Reviw) Order Gringo's Investment Guide from Powell's in Portland


•Belize Retirement Guide

Sometime in the 1980's, Bill and Claire Gray pulled the plug and escaped from California to the Central American country of Belize. You can probably guess the rest: Fleeing the land of smog and gridlock, they were soon hiding out on the beach.... (Full Review) Order Belize Retirement Guide



Mexico's foreign retirement communities might seem an unlikely setting for a great adventure story, but in Midlife Mavericks, Ajijic author Karen Blue reminds us that courage comes in many forms. Through a highly readable series of face-to-face interviews, Blue chronicles the stories of sixteen "Indiana Joans... ordinary women who have made extraordinary choices". In fact, the adventures this book relates is just the leading edge of a growing movement: single women moving to Mexico, overcoming their fears of the unknown and discarding old beliefs in search of new dreams.... Full Review by Lorena Havens

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•1) Guides, People & Places: Mexico General • Mexico City • Copper CanyonBajaGulf of Mexico • Highlands • Oaxaca
•2) Guides, People & Places of the Mayan World • Yucatan • The Maya • Guatemala • Belize
•3) Live & RetireWomen
•4) Driving • RV & Camping • Adventures • Natural Mexico
•5) Food • Healthy Living • Shopping • Speaking Spanish
•6) Viva Mexico • History • Armchair Travelers • Novels

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