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Behind the Scenes

email addresses

After taking a deep, hard look into our crystal ball, Lorena and I have moved the People’s Guide website to Mindspring, a larger and much more flexible server. We not only expect a significant increase in content and visitors, we’re also considering the addition of People’s Guide discussion forums (especially Living/Retiring in Mexico and Independent Travel).

This move establishes a permanent address for The People’s Guide To Mexico at

For most of you, our change of servers should be “transparent” and pain free. If, however, you bookmarked our website before the 10th of October, 1999, the bookmark address is probably to our previous server address ( rather than the correct, current address at

It’s not a big change, but to avoid aimless confusion, we strongly suggest that you delete the old bookmark (which ends in “/mexico”) and re-bookmark right now with the current address. Again, that is:

On to our new email addresses....

In the past, Lorena and I shared the same email address ( With our new server, however, we now get additional email addresses. These are: (this address is mainly for mail links from the People’s Guide website)

Our old address ( ) still works, so the advantage of writing to our new addresses is mostly on our end: it allows us to quickly find and answer our personal mail, and to avoid reading each other’s incoming spam.

Incidentally, some of you are still writing to us with this address:

This address was for email sent to us via our previous server. It is about to expire, however, so email to will not reach us. Please update our address(es) to the new ones above.

©1972-2000 by Carl Franz & Lorena Havens
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