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• PG Forum

We’ve waffled back and forth for months about creating our own discussion forums or interactive bulletin board on this website...Our final decision is a compromise, thankfully offered by David McLaughlin, publisher of Mexico Connect. Henceforth, the People’s Guide discussion will take place on's forum.

•What's this rumor about a
People's Guide eTravel Letter? As you might know, The People's Guide to Mexico's Travel Letter is no longer being published. It be reincarnated via email as a free eTravel Letter. Want to receive it? Email us!

•In the past, Lorena and I shared the same email address ( With our new server, however, we now get
additional email addresses

•Publication suspended
: The People’s Guide Travel Letter began life several years ago as a way to share information that wouldn’t fit into our books....

•After taking a deep, hard look into our crystal ball, Lorena and I have
moved the People’s Guide website to Mindspring, a larger and much more flexible server.

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