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The New Year In The Copper Canyon

i am writing to thank you for your advice, which helped me plan my trip to the copper canyon over the new year. It was great! on your suggestion, we did end up buying a ticket from nyc to tucson with a return from el paso in order to cut down on travel time. it worked really well. we took a bus down to alamos overnight from tucson.... (more) by Hilary. (Published January 09)

Driving from Creel to Batopilas in the Copper Canyon

I had planned to send you my Mexican Traffic Cop stories, but Curly was very insistent that I pass on information about the road conditions from Creel to Batopilas. This is as of 02/14/08...The pavement from Creel to Samachique is in great shape, though drivers should keep an eye out for rocks in the road.... (more) by B.J. (Published April-08)

The Copper Canyon : Cheap & Easy

We took the bus from El Paso across the border to Juarez.... At the border, we received verbal assurance from the bus driver that he would wait for us as we did the paperwork. We came back outside to find our packs on the ground, no bus. On the bus we had left two small bags of relative importance. ALWAYS STAY WITH ALL YOUR BELONGINGS.... (more) by Sheri Lynn (Published: February 2001)

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