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Driving in the Copper Canyon

Driving from Creel to Batopilas in the Copper Canyon

I had planned to send you my Mexican Traffic Cop stories, but Curly was very insistent that I pass on information about the road conditions from Creel to Batopilas. This is as of 02/14/08...The pavement from Creel to Samachique is in great shape, though drivers should keep an eye out for rocks in the road.... (more) by B.J. (5-08)

Driving to the Copper Canyon: Tucson to Creel

It's 14 hours and roughly 500 miles from Tucson to Creel.....once you leave the I-10 interstate at the Benson turnoff, you're only 45 miles from Tucson. And now you're forced to slow down enough to enjoy the drive.... (more) By Mike & Cathy Waterman

Where to go: Copper Canyon Itineraries

Planning a trip into the Sierra Madre is complicated by a lack of "infrastructure" and a dearth of reliable information..... The roads to these ancient mining villages provide views that rival and even surpass those seen from the train.... (more) by Carl Franz

Driving to the Copper Canyon

We are a church hiking club from Phoenix, AZ interested in exploring the Copper Canyon. We were told that the Canyon was in the vicinity of Puerto Penasco, but none of your articles mention driving from Arizona. Is this possible? Could we cross the border at Puerto Penasco for the shortest route, rather than at Nogales? This is my first question. I am still deeply engrossed in reading your website. It is wonderful!.... (more) from Susan D.

What about Toll Roads to Los Mochis?

....After more than 30 years of driving in Mexico, and countless white-knuckle, near-death experiences involving jaywalking burros, rolling rocks, and tire-busting potholes, I personally love these toll roads. Whenever we want to experience “the good old days” of driving here, all Lorena and I have to do is follow any free Mexican highway -- and there are literally thousands of them still to explore. But.... (more) by Carl Franz

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