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The Copper Canyon

Transportation: Driving, Trains & Buses

Driving to the Copper Canyon

We are a church hiking club from Phoenix, AZ interested in exploring the Copper Canyon. We were told that the Canyon was in the vicinity of Puerto Penasco, but none of your articles mention driving from Arizona. Is this possible? Could we cross the border at Puerto Penasco for the shortest route, rather than at Nogales? This is my first question. I am still deeply engrossed in reading your website. It is wonderful!.... (more) from Susan D.

The Copper Canyon Train

Service and comfort are much improved on the famous Copper Canyon train from Chihuahua City to Los Mochis (on the Pacific coast). Along with these improvements, however, we also have much higher ticket prices.... (more) by Carl Franz

Copper Canyon Bus Schedule: In & Out of Creel

I’d like to open this Notebook with something sexier than a bus schedule, but the information below is very important for anyone planning an overland trip to and from Creel, which is fast becoming the epicenter of Copper Canyon tourism. Unlike central and southern Mexico, buses don’t run as frequently in the Sierra, so having a reasonably accurate schedule can be very important.....(more) by Carl Franz

El Paso: Crossing the Border by Bus

Many people don’t realize just how easy a trip into the Sierra Madre can be if you take the bus. Start by taking a cross-border Greyhound bus from El Paso, Texas, directly to the huge terminal in Juárez, Mexico (about an hour). Before reaching the Juárez terminal, the driver’s assistant may offer to radio ahead and reserve a seat for you on the first available bus to Chihuahua.... (more) by Carl Franz

We Crossed the Border at El Paso by bus

We took the bus from El Paso across the border to Juarez. ....The bus leaves to cross the border every hour on the half hour. 5 bucks. At the border, we received verbal assurance from the bus driver that he would wait for us as we did the paperwork. We came back outside to find our packs on the ground, no bus. On the bus we had left two small bags of relative importance. ALWAYS STAY WITH ALL YOUR BELONGINGS.... (more) excerpt from "The Copper Canyon Cheap and Easy: A travel Report by Sheri Lynn.

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