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The Copper Canyon:


•Driving to the Copper Canyon: Tucson to Creel

I-10 at 90 miles per hour

It's 14 hours and roughly 500 miles from Tucson to Creel. If you do the math, that's about 35 MPH. Even driving at 90 miles per hour isn't going to improve your time because once you leave the I-10 interstate at the Benson turnoff, you're only 45 miles from Tucson. And now you're forced to slow down enough to enjoy the drive.... (more) By Mike & Cathy Waterman

Is There An Inexpensive Way to visit the Copper Canyon?

In early November I am planning a virtual last minute trip to Copper Canyon, with a Mexico newbie. We are both hardy outdoor types from New Mexico/Colorado. We cannot afford your tour, but understand we will need a guide. We are taking the train, starting in Chihuahua. I'd like to hit the Falls and also Batopilas.

My question is this; will it be relatively easy to find guides for day hiking, perhaps one overnight in Batopilas -- and is camping easily procured? We have all our own gear and are independent types. If we are tired and worn, will hotels/hostels be easily obtainable in November? The hotels/lodges available on the web are fairly pricey -- I'm looking to scale that down and make this trip affordable. We have 9 days.... (more)

Carl's tips for the Copper Canyon

As the Copper Canyon's fame spreads beyond Mexico's borders, a steadily growing number of curious, trailblazing travelers are being drawn to the area. Like other do-it-yourself adventurers, I've felt the irresistible allure of this 'Last Frontier.' After all, with genuine cowboys and Tarahumara Indians at virtually every bend, not to mention ancient Spanish missions and lost silver mines, what more could a restless travel writer ask for? .... (more) by Carl Franz

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