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Carl's Photo Album

Copper Canyon Treks, Winter 1998-99

Part 1 (of 4)

The Tarahumara are a very shy, reclusive people but they are certainly not unfriendly. Our group met this family as we rested on the canyon rim. They were hiking into Creel for supplies and as it turned out, I'd shared my food with them while on an exploratory trip a couple of years earlier. After exchanging greetings, they were glad to pose for this photo.
One of the greatest differences you'll note between Mexico's Copper Canyon and the Grand Canyon of Colorado is the lush vegetation. This shot was taken at about 6,000 feet in elevation. There are literally hundreds of these beautiful, but seldom-explored "side canyons" in the Sierra Madre
As we descend from the high forested mesa, we pass by several traditional Tarahumara ranches. This photo was taken in autumn, during a good harvest of corn and beans
The Tarahumara live in small log cabins and caves. This is an especially fine example of their woodworking skills -- each log is shaped into an octagonal beam with a single-bladed axe.
Bird Alert
BIRD ALERT! Our group pauses beside the trail as a pair of trogons teases us from across the canyon.

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