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Is it Safe for a Single Woman to drive in Mexico?

Hi, I have devoured your books for years.

I'm new at the PC but just found you.

I am a single middle aged woman with an old Vanagon & a big dog. Is it safe to drive from Nogales to the ocean & then south ? Possibly to San Miguel de Allende. First time & don't know much Spanish. Lived in S. Spain years ago & visited Baja's San Felipe's camps a few years back. Want to have a winters rest in a little house near a beach. Want to eat fruit & fish & swim. Am totally burnt out from 6 years getting a "Community" started. Hasn't happened yet but I have the callouses on my body & soul. Need a change.What do you think? I don't know anyone to go with me & am willing to try it. Advise?

Lelia (Colorado)

Dear Lelia,

An old vanagon and big dog sounds like the perfect combination for a single woman travelling in Mexico! Yes, you can do it by yourself... if you haven't yet read Tina Rosa's account of traveling alone in Mexico with her dog, please check out her series of articles.

As a single woman, you'll obviously want to take the usual precautions, but there is no particular hazard in your plan. As you suggest, drive during the day, camp near others, and you'll be fine. A slow drive down Mexico's Pacific coast is just what you need!

BTW, for further encouragement about living and traveling "sola" in Mexico, there's a great new book by Karen Blue called Midlife Mavericks (read Lorena's review). “Blue” interviewed single women who have made the move to Mexico. You can also check out Blue's website at

all the best, Carl & Lorena

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