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by Patt Riese

Dear Lorena & Carl:

I do/did have a subscription to the peoples guide newsletter.

Most assuredly, I do not consider it a "flaky investment". And I certainly don't want any money returned to me. I'm hoping that what ever funds might be "due" me, will go into keeping this website alive.

However, if you really want to send me a copy of your next book, I wouldn't put up a fight.

I spent 3 months (march 99-june 99) traveling around Mexico alone (or "¡¿¡sola!?!" as mexicano/as were fond of exclaiming), in my Toyota one ton pickup equipped with locking tool chest.

Went down the coast, inland to Guadalajara and Uruapan (to avoid Easter at the beach), then down to the remarkable & relaxing beaches of Michoacan & Colima. Nexpa particularly took hold of me. Then back up the coast; Barra Navidad, San Blas and the whole Bahia Mantanchen south of there (visited it three times on my trip!). A cursory visit to Creel via the train, with a promise to be back, especially to see Batopilas.

I ended the trip by exploring the northern most coastal desert including Puerto Libertad (complete with a grueling 6 hour, dirt road drive to Caborca) and Golfo Santa Clara just in time for Marine Day.

I had a blast. Some times I felt very alone and enjoyed it, other times I was able to hook up with Mexicanos & / or other travellers from everywhere! I can't wait to go back. In fact my next plan is to train to teach ESL so that I can, hopefully, have some income while I see Mexico.

I have also recently discovered the Aconchi Hot Springs, recently improved and maintained beautifully by the state of Sonora. An extremely pleasant surprise just 5 hours south of my home in Tucson.

I want to thank you for giving me the information I needed to be able to have this great adventure. I had a wonderful friend introduce me to Mexico 10 years ago. He got me started and I got "bit" by the "bug" that is Mexico. Wayne died a few years later but stumbling across your book 7 years ago was the next best thing. It was exactly what I needed to feel confident and relaxed and to know how to have an overall enjoyable trip.

I even pulled the book out after my minor fender-bender in Uruapan and opened it to the section on Traveling Alone: Travelers Meditation. I followed your advice step by step and prevented myself from incuring further disasters via my poor attitude. That alone was worth the price of the book, but then you went on to teach me how to hang a hammock so that I looked like I was a pro when I got to Nexpa!

Mil Gracias X Mil Gracias,

I wish you all the best and hope to run into you some day on the road in Mexico.

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