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Joan Parker: Only in Mexico
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Only In Mexico

Joan Parker-Burke shares our love of the offbeat side of Mexico, that 'other country' of the ironic, the weird and the just plain puzzling.

Blessing the Car

Sunday a Mexican family drove up in front of the Parroquia (in San Miguel De Allende) in a brand new big American car, got out leaving all doors open, opened the trunk and hood. A priest came out and shook a stick (for want of Catholic terminology) dipped in what must have been holy water --in every open door and in the trunk and under the hood. Then the family got in and drove off.

A little later two cowboys rode up and dismounted in front of the Parroquia. One went inside carrying his quirt. Meanwhile the horses decided to park themselves by putting their front hooves up on the curb. Pretty soon the guy came out and they rode off.

I'm trying to read all the books you listed in the PG and Travel Letters. Can you imagine the SMA library without Unknown Mexico? I read the first volume in Tucson and did find Judas at the Jockey Club (enjoyed it) and am now in the middle of the Heart of the Sky. Of course I read I Rigoberta Menchu, although it’s as disturbing to read as is Heart of the Sky.

Returning from Baja

"It's a relief to be back in the land where the "cuartos vencen", the "curvas" are "peligrosas" and the hot dogs "exquisitos" ...

I have begun a survey of "huevos rancheros". So far the worst are at Rancho Santa Ines -- served while the family put on their newest slasher viedo. (Checking out the rooms there -- do we want the one with 12 beds? -- almost made up for them.) The best eggs are at Restaurant Km 110 heading north of La Paz. Near our table was an aquarium tank wth some rocks, moss and a few tiny silvery fish in one and a half inches of water.

We were trying to figure out why the clear plastic bag of water tied with a string was hanging over the counter, so when I paid the cuenta I asked them.

"To keep the flies away." She answered. Are they on to something?

P.S.: Have you seen the black paint and silver foil sign advertising "Hoot Dogs" in the window of the bookstore in La Paz?”

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