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published: February 2002

Good evening,

First let me say that your site has been one of best as far as information about Mexico. THANKS!

Second, we are interested in visiting Oaxaca this fall. We are interested in purchasing Oaxaca black clay pottery and woven textiles. We have a retail shop and want to introduce Mexican art. Can you give me information on which factories or artisans are the ones we should visit and who to deal with? Is Oaxaca the best place for us to purchase these items, or are there towns outside of Oaxaca to consider- if so which ones.

We routinely visit Laredo (about 3 times a month) to purchase some things, but need to start looking for new items-pottery, rugs, etc. We have considered visiting Monterrey, are there any good wholesalers there we should consider?

Enjoyed visiting your site.

Thanks, Leah

Carl Responds:

We're pleased that you've found our website useful and hope that you'll spread the word about both it and our book, The People's Guide To Mexico. As for factories and artisans in Oaxaca -- we don't keep close track of such details, but I can recommend a few of good sources of information for you in Oaxaca.

Artisans in Focus at Curt Rosengren's Oaxaca Pages is a good place to start. Curt obviously knows quality crafts and I'm sure you'd find clues there. His "links" list is also very good.

Eric Mindling's Manos de Oaxaca offers tours, workshops and introductions to the potters, weavers and carvers of Oaxaca.

Oaxaca's Tourist Guide is another good source, especially their discussion forums. If you were to post your questions there I'm sure you'd hear from people who have up to date info and suggestions.

There are a number of interesting websites done by people who sell Oaxacan crafts online. Some of these give details of specific artisans and villages.

Museo Nacional de Arte/Artes e Historia: http://www.arts

Mexico: Arts, Universes in Universe: http://www.universes-in

ElantiQuario Magazine, online edition:

Artes de Mexico:

Art and Dance links:

AdMexico Arts Links:

Art of the Mask:

Finally, have you looked at the review of Oaxaca: Crafts & Sightseeing on our website. This is a very useful book.

Good luck!
Carl and Lorena

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