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Drinking & Drugs

Part 4

Trouble & Tequilla...Zero tolerance...Mexican dungeions


Tourists who turn their vacations into a nonstop happy hour, wear out their welcome very fast. They also suffer the vast majority of accidents, arguments, misunderstandings and minor unpleasantries. Crooks find gringo party animals to be particularly easy pickings. Officials I’ve talked to say it’s no coincidence that tipsy tourists attract muggers, scam artists and thieves.

There is an unwritten tradition that (most) Mexican cops won’t arrest a drunk unless he or she weaves or staggers. If you’re at all unsteady — just to be safe — take a taxi.

One of the reasons I no longer drink is that I finally made the connection between trouble and tequila. Whenever a situation gets uncomfortable, weird or alarming, don’t hesitate to leave. This is especially true when drinking is involved. If you do drink while visiting Mexico, keep it very moderate.

Mexicans may wink when tourists get carried away by too much sun, sand and cerveza (beer), but when it comes to drugs, their tolerance is close to zero. Don’t kid yourself; Mexico is no longer as loose and easy as it once was. Cops with keen noses regularly patrol resort beaches and they regularly arrest foolish tourists for smoking marijuana. US trained, English speaking narcs and paid informants also circulate in popular discos and nightclubs.

Reflecting Mexico’s conservative attitude, penalties for possession of small quantities of marijuana, cocaine and so-called recreational drugs are extremely harsh. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the dangers of mixing drugs with travel in Mexico. The smallest pinch of marijuana or cocaine can take you directly to a Mexican dungeon. (See Red Tape & the Law: Marijuana, in the The People's Guide to Mexico)

Continued....with part 5

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