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Pets In Mexico
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Cuca & Poco's Favorite Dog Food Recipe

by Lorena Havens

Published: November 2002
This makes around 20 liters of dog food and is prepared in two parts, the green soup and the Goulash


2 kilos of chopped mixed vegetables from the market
1 kilo nopal cactus
, chopped
1/2 kilo chopped garlic
(I buy kilo jars of frozen chopped garlic at Sam's Club in Guadalajara)
Carrot pulp residue (gabaso) from making 3 kilos of carrot juice
2 large bunches of chard
or other greens
1 cup olive oil.

Cook and Blend. I then dump it in a dishpan


13 1/2 liters of water in a cannibal pot.(more if needed)
10 cups of brown rice

8 cups oats
3 cups salvado (wheat germ)
(available in Ajijic at feed store across from La Montana)
2 1/2 cups flax seed (available in Ajijic at feed store across from La Montana)
2 1/2 cups sesame seeds (available in Ajijic at feed store across from La Montana)
3 1/2 kilos ground chicken
(La Puritan chicken store)
1/4 kilo fatty beef
(we use the dog bones that have more fat on them then we want the dogs to eat. This is mostly for flavor)
4 liters (16 cups) gabaso de soya (this is the leftover when tofu is made. I get the gabaso de soya when I buy tofu from Concha, the ironworker's wife -- across from Manix restaurant in Ajijic. Order the day before and ask her to save the gabaso -- 33 pesos for the tofu, gabaso free.)

After cooking the green soup, I use the same pot to cook the grain goulash. When the rice is soft, (about 1 hour) I put about 1/3 of the goulash in a second dishpan and add 1/3 of the soup. Mix and ladle into 1 or 2 liter plastic containers.

Then mix half of the remaining grains goulash and half of the remaining soup, and put into containers. Then mix the last of grain mixture in with the last of the soup and fill the containers.  

Leave the lids off until it cools enough to put into the freezer.

(We bought the dogs a freezer for their first Christmas with us, so we'd have a way to freeze their food and bones. We do use it for people food also. ;-)

To serve: add a few sloshes of boiling water and stir thoroughly. This activates the flavor.

Pets In Mexico
Joan's Baked Dog Food

©1972-2002 by Carl Franz & Lorena Havens