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2 Teenage Daughters

Dear Carl & Lorena,

Saw a note from you to someone on and couldn’t resist the urge to write to tell you I am a big fan of yours and have read the People’s Guide, cover to cover, a couple of times as well as the RV Camping Guide. Loved them both.

Bought People’s Guide at Sandy’s book store in Guadalajara in 1989. Read the chapter on machismo in the morning and it saved our lives that evening, when I took my teen-age daughters to a fiesta at the local church. Some borrachos (drunks) started dancing with my daughters and after a while one of them asked me if they could take them home and have sex with them (mind you they are 14 and 13 at the time).

I remembered what you said about not arguing with a drunk or becoming insulting, etc. I simply said in my best Spanish, “I’m sorry, we have to leave now, it has been very nice meeting you. Goodbye.”

It was one of the few times in my life my daughters didn’t argue or question why we were leaving.

I have recommended the book to so many people I should probably get a royalty. It is truly a must for anyone doing serious travel in Mexico for an extended period.

I plan to take a group of university students to Mexico for a 23 day trip to study tourism development there. You can believe I will have the People’s Guide with me and in fact I am looking at it again to help plan our itinerary.

Thanks again for a great read. Do you have any other books out?

- Dan Ferguson

Dear Dan,

Other than our recent update of the People's Guide to Mexico, our efforts are going into the website. However we are also working on a People’s Guide to Living & Retiring in Mexico. Stay tuned!

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