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If you-re interested in Eco tourism or want to know what's happening with environmental issues and conservation projects in Mexico and Latin America, Planeta.com is the place to look.

The following are a sample of the articles listed by Ron Mader on Planeta <http://www2.planeta.com/mader/headlines.html>, his award winning site on Environmental and Eco-Travels in Latin America.

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July, 2000

Whale Watching in Patagonia - Sophie Hooper/Planeta.com
Book Review: Marine Mammals of the Gulf of Mexico - Ron Mader/Planeta.com
Exploring Mexico City/Planeta.com
Exploring the Gulf of Mexico/Planeta.com
Mexican Baseball on the Web - Ron Mader/Business Mexico
Desert Architecture - Arid Lands Newsletter
Mexico Presidential Elections - Yahoo
A wrench in the "ruling party machine" - Fiona Morgan/Salon
Defending the Forest and other crimes - John Ross/Sierra Club
Tourism growth threatens world
Caribbean treaty looks for sea change - Conservation Media Center
Scientist's study spurs "water " campaign - Conservation Media Center
Two Craft Towns of Lake Patzcuaro - Jennifer Rose/Mexico Connect
Border states forge policy - Scott Baldauf/Christian Science Monitor

April 2000

Tianguis of Tourism Alternatives in Mexico - Ron Mader/Planeta.com

Report from Uxpanapa: Can bromeliads save Veracruz' last rainforest? - Steve Ginsberg/Planeta.com

Oaxaca's Pacific Coast Lagoons - John Noble/Planeta.com

An Argument for Membership Based Sustainable Ecotourism Initiatives: The Case of Pronatura Veracruz - Jim Dion/Planeta.com

Environmental Threats and Conservation in Southern Mexico - Les Beletsky/Planeta.com

Review: Saving the Gray Whale - Ron Mader/Planeta.com

Goldman Prize Awarded Early to Jailed Mexican Farmer-Ecologist - ENS

Sustainable development plan needed to save Bay Islands ecosystem - Wendy Griffin/Honduras This Week

March 2000

Beyond the Gringo Trail: A Conversation with Mark Mann - Ron Mader/Planeta.com

Cycling through the labrynths of bureaucracy in Mexico City: Bicitekas - Tom Dieusaert/Planeta.com

Discovering Tampico's Subtle Delights - Jerry Scott Mills/Planeta.com

The Garifuna: A Changing Future - Pamela Conley/Planeta.com

Depths of The Beach - Joe Cummings/Guidebookwriters.com

Mexican Government, Mitsubishi Corporation Agree Not to Pursue San Ignacio Saltworks - Mitsubishi/ELAN

Can Mexico's Largest Lake be Saved? - Tony Burton/Mexconnect

Web World Wide: Guatemala - CNET

Picking The Right Travel Guide - Nick Selby

February 2000

Endangered Mexican Parrots Safe from Logging - ENS

January 2000

Ecotourism and Community Participation: Huatulco, Mexico - Loretta Ishida/Planeta.com

New Book Reviews - Ron Mader/Planeta.com

Books That Change the World - Ron Mader/Planeta.com

Tools for Small Farmers
- Arid Lands Newsletter

Green Means Food, Red Means Starvation - Stan Gotlieb/Letters from Mexico

Sea Turtles of Baja
- Earth Watch

It takes a village (Baja California) - Wendee Holtcamp

Opportunities for Improving Environmental Compliance in Mexico - Susmita Dasgupta/World Bank

Measuring the impacts of the South Bay Ocean Outfall at the US-Mexico Border - Lori Saldaña

The Mahogany Trail - Jim Nations/Gone Tomorrow

The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor - Craig Metrick

Guatemala: Pacaya Volcano Eruption - South American Explorers

These articles and many more are available on Planata.com Headlines http://www2.planeta.com/mader/headlines.html

Ron Mader is the author of Mexico: Adventures in Nature
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