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Can One Person driving a motorhome with a tow-car?

Reply by Carl Franz


I'm planning a trip to the mainland, and I plan on crossing from Nogales. I've heard different stories about being able to tow a car behind the RV. I hear only one vehicle per person is allowed. I've read where the suggestion is to put one of the vehicles in the spouse's name. Only one problem. No spouse.

Just me.

Is it possible for me as a single person to enter the Mexican mainland with RV and tow car in my name? And not be hassled once I've crossed? Thank you for your time.

Mike T

Carl Franz replies::

Dear Mike,

There is a simple answer to your question but I'm afraid you might not like it. You need to get married!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

In fact, you are in luck. A few months ago Mexico changed the law and they now allow one person in a motor home to register both the motor home and a tow vehicle.

Have a good trip,

Thanks Carl.

Didn't I see you on Leno?

Where can I get my hands on a copy of this legislation? Just in case it wasn't advertised on TV during the Futbol game that the federales are watching the day I cross the border.



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