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Paying for calls to the US & Canada with a Credit Card is Expensive!

I just returned home from Acapulco. The signs on the LadaTel telephone booths urged you to use your credit card, to call home. Unfortunately, I did!.... The charge was $122.64 (Canadian dollar).... (more) from Steve B

Problems with Phone Cards in Mexico

I was in Cancun last week. I purchased a phone card at Walmart. On the front of the card, it has a picture of food and says “sushitepec” by shokuni..... it did not work. It used up all my time just trying to connect.

My question is: who can I call in the US to get my money back or get a new card.... (more) from Lori

Using Calling Cards at Public Phone Booths

For those of you who traveled in Mexico in the Good Old Days, you'll have memories (nightmares) of waiting for hours in "Larga Distancia" when you wanted to call farther than across town. Or perhaps you remember trying to locate a local pay phone that worked, and, last but not least, one of the nearly obsolete coins that they'd accept.

Fortunately, that's all changed.... (more)

Old Phones Remembered

I just read your new section on Ladatel calling cards in Mexico. It's very helpful. I've used these calling cards in Oaxaca to make local and in-country long-distance calls. They are really life savers. I too remember the nightmare of making long-distance calls. In 1974 I was trying to make a call to Mexico City from Oaxaca. Every time I tried I was told the circuits were busy. My frustration hit its peak when I went into the small telephone office on the North side of the zocalo..... (more) by P.G. Meier

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