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by Carl Franz

Cybercafes and Mom & Pop email services are opening up throughout Mexico and Central America.

This is a great boon to travelers, who used to have to pay exhorbitant international phone charges in order to call home. ¡Viva email!

Now we pay exhorbitant cybercafe rates to access our sluggish Hotmail accounts. When it took 45 minutes (at 45 pesos an hour) to read & delete three Hotmail spam messages at a cafe in Cuernavaca, Lorena and I knew we had to find a better way.

That “better way” recently appeared when the Mexico Connect website began offering free email accounts. You get your own address, plus the option of reading your regular POP email account(s). While you’re traveling, use any web browser to access your email on the MexConnect website.

Since Mexico Connect is hosted in the U.S., but is not yet as well known as Hotmail, you shouldn’t have to share the bandwidth with a few million other users. When you’re paying by the minute and hour to read email, relative obscurity can be a big plus. For details, go to: Mexico Connect, and click on email in the upper right corner.

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