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San Blas after Hurricane Kenna
San Blas: 9 days after Hurricane Kenna
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Friends of San Blas

Donations to help those most in need

byTom Nelson

Published November 6, 2002
I’ve had a good response from several of you re: donations to help the people of San Blas.

I’m setting up a fund here, "Friends of San Blas" to help those most in need.

You can make donations through my bank account in the U S. Deposit to acct. # 3881007019- Tom Nelson and send to:

Skagit State Bank
P.O. Box 627
Burlington Wa. 98233

Send me an email with the amount of the donation. <>

I’ll keep a full accounting of the donations and send it to anyone requesting it.

I’ll provide information as to where the money is going.

Thanks, Tom

Lorena's Comments: Tom has generously offered to answer emails if you have questions about someone in San Blas. <> phone # is 011-52-323-285-0986

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