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San Blas:
One Month After Hurricane Kenna

by Tom Nelson

Published November 2002
Dear Tom,

We saw with sadness your letter about San Blas in the people's guide, and were wondering how things are one month after the hurricane - the press always loves to exaggerate.

We love San Blas, having been there five times in the last ten years, and had been thinking of returning for christmas this year before the terrible news. While it seems horribly trivial to be thinking of vacation when people have suffered so much, we would be grateful if you could tell us whether a couple with two small kids and their two elderly grandparents, should even think of coming. Are tourists welcome or a nuisance at this stage?

If we were to come, is there anything we could bring from the US? thanks for your help andrew -- Andrew

Tom Replies,

Everyone here is surprised at how quickly the government has moved in to help. As of now the town has been cleaned up. Almost all the rubble has been removed and power has been restored. A few people still don’t have phone service but most do.

Tarpaper laminate roofing was brought in within a week and given away. Then asbestos laminate roofing was brought in and is now being distributed.

The beaches at Las Islitas and here in San Blas have been cleaned up and new roads put in. This week the govt is supposed to start rebuilding the ramadas to be ready for Christmas vacation. The govt is getting ready to rebuild houses destroyed. San Blas is getting back to normal.

This weekend the beach was full of tourists from Tepic and Guadalajara. People are upbeat and the plaza is full at night. Most of the regular winter residents are showing up and its starting to feel normal again.

Don’t feel guilty about coming as a tourist. It’s the one of the best contributions you can make to San Blas. Stimulate the economy.

I don’t know if you are driving of flying but things to bring are clothing and household good. Most people who lost their roofs also lost their household belongings and the govt. wont replace those. Bedding, appliances, blenders, any thing you can think of new or used.

Tom & Trini, Bungalows "Conny"

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