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Oaxaca: A Bit Uncomfortable for Tourism

by David "El Codo" Eidell

Published Nov 28-06

Visitors are trickling in to Flores de Las Peñas. The frenzy in.the US press regarding Mexico's political problems may no doubt cancel plans for more than a few prospective visitors.

Stan Gottlieb's article about the violence in Oaxaca "Well, at least no tourists have been attacked" was a bit off center. He could have better described things as being, "A bit uncomfortable for tourism, but because no tourists have been attacked it serves to show that once the dispute has been resolved, things should quickly return to normal in the city of Oaxaca".

No tourists were hurt in the infamous North Hollywood Shootout either, despite thousands of rounds of ammunition spraying about.

A better way to describe things, would be to inform potential visitors that the city of Oaxaca is best avoided until such time as things simmer down --- things will probably stay heated until February of ´07.

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