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Avoid Oaxaca for Next Few Months
(Nov 06)

by Bill Masterson

Published Nov 28, 06
I have a response to the material posted from Stan about the situation in Oaxaca:

"I’m going to respectfully disagree with Stan Gottlieb’s characterization of the current situation
in Oaxaca. If you’ll be a first-time visitor to Oacaca and expect to see the city/area made famous by
travel brochures and travel guides - you do not want to visit now.

What started out as a fairly typical, annual demonstration/protest by Oaxaca state teachers saw the
teacher’s protest kidnapped by extremists who’ve been responsible for an unprecedented level of crime and
violence and disruption - including attacks upon tourists.

Mexico is a large country with many interesting places to visit - no less interesting than Oaxaca - and
unless you have a special need to be in that city or if you don’t have an in-place support network there -
avoid Oaxaca like the plague for the next few months until the violence/disruptions subside and it’s once
again safe for casual tourists to visit."


Bill Masterson

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