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•¿Is It Safe to Drive in Baja? ¿Banditos?

Perhaps the best way to describe Mexico1, the transpeninsular highway is to say that many solo grandmother types drive small to medium size RV's annually to a winter's perch on a beach. Sadly, the days of banditos, highway robbery and ambushes have seem to have gone the way of the dodo.... (more) questions answered by David "El Codo" Eidell

Dorado Fever

Suddenly Armando yelled, "Dorado under the boat!" It was getting dark. My rod tip made a sudden hard left turn and the drag on my reel began to howl. I tightened the drag and felt the line go slack as water erupted fifty feet off the stern.... (more)

Getting to Bahia de Los Angeles by Bus? Using Rental Cars?

We live in Chicago and are planning to visit Bahia Los Angeles this Summer. We think to fly to San Diego and drive down to Bahia. Do you know any charters bus companies that may get us there? ... (more)

Camping Mexico's Baja, by Mike & Terri Church

For RV'ers to the Baja peninsula and Puerto Penasco upper gulf region.... Even though much of the text is the same as what's inside the larger Mexico guide, the information has been updated, new parks have been added and the book was designed and printed with shaded reference tabs on the outside to help find a particular section. I particularly like the inclusion of handy RV parks on the US side adjacent to major border crossing points... (more) review by David "El Codo" Eidell.

The Baja California Road Log by Connie Ellig and David Hopps

The Baja California Road Log is one of the best resources I have for current information on the Highways and Accommodations through out Baja California.... (more) Review by Vee Weber

Baja Updates

November 10, 2001
From John Regan

Here is the latest, though I have been unable to get down to Baja this month. My contacts in Cabo say H20 (the potable kind) is still hard to get unless you are in a hotel. Military check points are still out in droves, but are being polite, according to my friend steve who just returned from Todo Santos. As far as I know, all the roads repaired or under repair and back to normal....friends drove to la Paz from Loreto this week, and had only a small detour on a dirt road, but no biggie...All traffic moving fine. Lorena, I do not know the status from La Paz to Cabo currently

Baja California's Golden Age 1947-1977: The Life And Writings Of Ray Cannon, By Gene S. Kira. First time visitors to Baja often find themselves marveling at their barely suppressed sense of euphoria. It's cause is difficult to define, but the elation does not dissipate over time, and is not limited to just a single nationality. Much like JRR Tolkien's description of mortals marveling at the surreal ambiance in the land of Elves -- many find themselves mesmerized by mirages that lift entire islands high into the sky and by the illusion of flying because the sky and sea have become one. It is a powerful yet benevolent narcotic.... (more) Review by David "El Codo" Eidell

Driving in Baja: San Felipe to Bahia de Los Angeles

The road south from San Felipe is not in good shape now, but is certainly passable in a loaded van if you drive slowly. The road is paved from San Felipe to Puertecitos, but was badly damaged several years ago during some fierce storms. It hasn't been completely repaved since then... (more) . Questions by Steve & Jo Knight; Answers by Douglas Havens

Kayaking In Baja?

I want to take a sea kayak all alone from Mulege to La Paz in about one month. I don't know what kind of kayak I should buy or where I should buy it... never mind how I'm going to get it there.... (more) from Justin Bill

Joan Visits Baja in Mad Max

The water was phosphorescent and swimming at night was like swimming in liquid light. Floating in the water looking up at the stars (and the comet!) I said to Bill - "Tell me again why I’m going back to Tucson?".... (more) by Joan Parker

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Lorena's nephew, Curt Fitchett, on the coast of Baja, south of Ensenada and Punta Banda

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